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The News-Stand of the Current Set!

SOI has been out for a little now, so I will review the 5 colors of mana, each which have their pros and cons.


Green has decent cards this set, with werewolves being very aparent.
I mean, there are no huntmaster of the fells, but they are pretty cool (I stand up for my wolf homies).

huntmaster of the fells greater than symbol Solitary Hunter sad face :(

Green is a main atribute to clue tokens,
especially with second harvest and tireless tracker which can make a bunch of clue tokens and buff tireless tracker.

second harvest tireless tracker

Other than that, (I belive) green just has some big creatures and Ulvenwald Hydra (which should not be overlooked).

Ulvenwald Hydra


White has a few enchantments and creatures that benifit from humans, but really... if you want humans,
go for equipment :D

Militant Inquisitor Strength of Arms

White also has spirits, who can be regularly summoned or summoned with the use of dead humans.

Drogskul Cavalry Nearheath Chaplain


Blue has many great cards, but blue and black are the best colors in MTG. Cards such as the Reckless Scholar happen to be good card enginees in draft, and compelling deterence not only allows you to bounce a nonland pernament, but also discard if they have a zombie. For example, pretend I control a zombie and I bounce an Arlinn Kord. Not only have I gotten rid of a threat that could of ended the game, but now if the oppoenet has no cards in hand, they have to discard Arlinn Kord. One thing i don't like in SOI is that spirits didn't really didn't get a lot of cards. Spirits may have rattlechains, but it kinda seems like a shoutout to drogskol captain.

Arlinn Kord compelling deterrence


Triskaidekaphobia is a fun card, that either prolongs the existance of a weak player until they hit 13 life, or helps everyone go down while you don't hit even close to 13 with a lifegain deck. Another and I Believe is a more effective way to win is to ping your enemies with pinger like Gelectrode. Then you can kill your enemies with Triskaidekaphobia or another card like Hidetsugu's second right. Werewolves also suck unless they are jund werewolves. Also that Grren and White are the wost colors ever. You can be Blue and white, but if you put green and white together, then it sucks. Another card that I bleieve that is good, and may have a sot in control deck is Sorin. Sorin allows to get card draw, and can protect itself and gain life. My only reason I think that this planewalker might not see play in standard because the ult on Sorin isn't very powerful. These types of ults that spawn a whole bunch of tokens easily get blown out by cards like drown in sorrow.

Triskaidekaphobia Hidetsugu's Second Right Sorin

--For Red--


Since the release of SOI, I thought that I saw some cards that could see play in EDH. The first card I believe that could see play in EDH is Gitrog Monster. Gitrog Monster perfect for any dreg